Projects, prototypes and sometimes writings by a software engineer in Detroit.

Projects and Prototypes

I like to experiment (mostly with javascript or single page apps) and create small tools and prototypes on GitHub.

While many of the demos here use frontend technologies, I prefer working with backend and instructure technology to create APIs or services with languages such as PHP, Terraform, and Elixir.

Celery Man - Cinco Identity Generator

Desktop emulator for Cinco Identity Generator 2.5. Based on Celery Man by Adult Swim and Alex Meub.

Skill Evaluation Survey App

Simple single page app for filling out surveys for evaluating skill levels for peers or self-evaluations.
Vue JS 2.0 Semantic UI 2.2

GitHub Dashboard

View projects and milestones from many repos and GitHub instances on a single screen.
Vue JS 2.2 Semantic UI 2.2

HTML Screensaver Clock

Colorful HTML clock for use as a screensaver. Single-file html/js clock screensaver with no external dependencies to provide a prettier alternative to the built-in clock screensavers.

GitHub Organization Monitor

Monitor the most recent 300 events for a GitHub organization or user.
Vue JS 1.x Vue JS Resource

GitHub Markdown Previewer

Previewing markdown through GitHub’s flavor of markdown.
Vue JS 1.x

Pinger Internet Connectivity Tester

Simple pinger app for testing internet connectivity. By default, google.com is pinged every 5 seconds while the app is enabled. Pinging can be toggled within the app.
Vue JS 2.0 Primer CSS 4.2

Yule Log

The best fireplace yule log ever.

Open Source

In addition to the small projects mentioned elsewhere, I also maintain many production-stable open source projects. Chief among these is Hal, a deployment plaform used by thousands of projects within the largest US Mortgage lender: Quicken Loans. MCP is an ecosystem of PHP packages used by nearly every public-facing website that QL operates.


PHP package ecosystem developed at Quicken Loans. This mostly consists of high-quality libraries that solve a common need of developers and their web applications.

Panthor (Web Microframework) quickenloans/mcp-panthor
Common (Datetime, GUID utils) quickenloans/mcp-common
Cache (Caching standard) quickenloans/mcp-cache
Logger (PSR-3 Logger) quickenloans/mcp-logger

Hal Deployment Platform

Hal is a deployment and release platform. It is written in PHP and supports a fast and simple way to deploy any type of application to any type of environment including AWS and private datacenters.

It supports AWS, Docker, credential storage, encrypted configuration, access control and many other features needed by a large organization.

It is also responsive and has a hypermedia API.

Hal UI hal-platform/hal
Hal Agent (Job Runner) hal-platform/hal-agent
Hal Core (Database entities) hal-platform/hal-core
Hal Design hal-platform/hal-logo

Who am I?

Hello. I am a fullstack software and infrastructure developer based in SE Michigan. I mostly focus on backend applications and services, but can work with frontend technologies, databases and infrastructure as well.

In 2006 I joined HFHS. I’ve written CRMs and patient-management systems for Henry Ford Health System.

Then I joined Quicken Loans in 2012. As an engineering lead I helped them launch the future of mortgage servicing with MyQL Servicing (Now known as Rocket Mortgage Servicing).

I then began focusing on enterprise-wide solutions in 2014 - building frameworks to establish the foundation for PHP development within QL as well as setting standards and best practices for all application development. This includes "finding a way to unit test web applications" for the company and developing a test-driven culture.

From 2017 and beyond, I've focused on optimizing the SDLC for all QL software development. This includes architecting and building a code deployment platform called Hal and expanding it to include safe secret management, configuration and feature flags, and infrastructure deployments.

Elixir is neat, I’ve spent a lot of time exploring and learning about its ecosystem and find the actor model and pattern matching to be incredible language features. However, more recently I've spent most of my time working on Infrastructure as Code with tools such as Terraform and CloudFormation.

Since mid-2018, I've developed workflows to run Terraform safely and consistently within QL. There were zero team using Terraform and now we have over 250 teams using Infrastructure as Code, facilitated by our deployment platform: Hal.

Principal Software Engineer (Quicken Loans)

  • Lead developer and architect on Build/Deployment Tooling team within QL Technology (2000+ team members).
  • Design, implement, and maintain PHP applications and enterprise-wide PHP libraries.
  • Develop release pipeline platform and CI/CD practices across Quicken Loans.
  • Enable infrastructure As Code and guide cloud migrations with Terraform and CloudFormation adoption.
  • Mentor other engineers, develop SDE career path and culture.
  • Location

    Detroit, Michigan
  • Email

    steve at kluck.engineering
  • GitHub